Saturday, October 20, 2012

Color Plan for Lithologic Landscape

color plan
This is my color plan for the lithologic landscape project. I create one of these for each art quilt to use as a guild when selecting fabrics. I tape this to a wall in my studio and refer to it throughout the project. I usually do a few draft color plans before arriving at the "final" one that I will use for a project.

Once I have my final color plan, I open up my stash and pull out a variety of fabrics in each of the colors. Then I fold them and put them in a box vertically so I can see each fabric. Having them in a box makes it easy to move the fabric out of the way when I have to use the table for something else, and easy to see my choices when working on the project. 

When an idea occurs to me, I write a note on the color plan and cross it off after I have done it. It helps me keep track of the little inspirations you get along the way.

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