Sunday, September 2, 2012

Tortoise Shell Fabric

silk fabric
The photo below shows one of the tortoises in my Route 66 Mojave National Preserve piece. As you know, a tortoise's shell has polygon shapes in it. I wanted to depict that aspect of the tortoise shell, and thought I would probably do that with thread painting. But I had a piece of silk fabric (to the right) that had raised cross-stitching in it.  I had previously painted some of this fabric using Setacolor paints and put it in my stash. I came across it when I was pulling fabrics for this quilt and put it in the pile for "consideration".  

Below you see some of this painted fabric that is left over after making this quilt. I painted it in different areas with different colors. The pink/purple/yellow areas happened to turn out perfectly for my color scheme, and made for an interesting tortoise shell fabric. No thread painting required!
painted silk fabric

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