Saturday, June 23, 2012

Buildings and Trees

Here is a close up of a part of my Anthem Story quilt. This is the area near Fort McHenry that is being bombed by the British Ships. There were some homes and other buildings around the fort that I depicted with simple building shapes. I have been putting more structures in my quilts ever since I did a city scape last year. I like the look of them, apparently!

 I used some dark blue tulle to add some shadow to the side of the buildings, and I used a contrasting thread to paint in the lines of the edges of buildings.

This challenge required us to use a large floral print. I fussy cut some of the flower pieces and used those to depict trees around the buildings.

I also used the dark tulle in the sky to give the impression of a darkened, smokey sky, since the bombing occurred over night. It is twilight in my quilt.

The red yarn in the front is from a "boo boo" that I needed to come back and address. I tie red yarn to safety pins and put them on the quilt at a location where there is something I need to take care of later.

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