Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Gaggle of Geese - Some Details

I wanted to share a few more things on this piece:

There are seven geese flying across the top of the quilt. I cut out each piece and painted them individually to blend with the background they are near. I wanted them to be a subtle addition, and not detract from the Gaggle walking. Here they are pinned in place.

Close up showing variation in color of the geese:

A section of Flying Geese units were inserted here just below one of the flying geese. I thought that looked cool!

Grounding the Geese:

A put a section of "land" under the feet of the geese so that it didn't look like they were floating on air. It also looked a little like a shadow.

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  1. The addition of flying geese figures is brilliant. I'm wondering if you used transparent fabric on a few of those geese. The ones I am referring to are in pictures 1 and 2. Being able to see the background through their wings is really nice.