Wednesday, June 15, 2016

A few more details on the making of the geese...

Linda Friedman asked some questions in a comment about some of techniques I used to make the geese. I thought it would be good to give that information in a post, so here it is:

I did not use patterns or paper templates to cut out the individual smaller fabric pieces that I used to make the collaged geese. I laid the paper diagram of the goose showing my value areas on a light table, and then laid the fabric on the paper diagram.  I used a marker to mark the outline of the shape I wanted to cut out on the fabric. I could easily see through the fabric with the light table, and this saved me the time and effort of cutting out a bunch of freezer paper pieces.

After marking on the fabrics, I used a small rotary cutter to cut out the shape. Some fabrics were just cut free form with my small rotary cutter. I like a small rotary cutter for jobs like this because I can make turns easily. I also avoid using scissors if I can because it’s easier on my tendonitis plagued wrist.

The fabrics were all fused on the back. I cut out all the collage fabrics for a goose, got them in place on the brown background fabric, and then fused them down once I was satisfied with placement.

I used a machine appliqué raw edge technique for the geese fabrics. After the pieces were fused to the brown fabric, I stitched them to the brown background fabric using my sewing machine. After the collage pieces were stitched to the brown background, the entire goose was stitched to the sandwiched background, batt and backing. I used a curving free motion machine quilting design within the geese to secure them to the quilt.

Thank you for the questions, and visiting my blog!

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  1. Eileen, thanks so much for posting this detailed description of how you cut and assembled these outstanding geese. Loved your idea of using a light box to outline the individual shapes rather than having to cut a gazillion little patterns from freezer paper. That was brilliant and I'm sure that I'll use that method in the future.