Friday, March 25, 2016

Mary, Matilda and Me - the Fans!

I wanted this art quilt to have an old fashioned feel to it, and one of the ways I tried to get that feeling was by using fans to frame the focal point. I consider fans an old fashioned adornment and quilt pattern, and it seemed to go with the theme well. I used some vintage dark blue silk fabric, and leftover light blue painted fabric from Grandma's dress for the fans.

My first fans were made in a pieced manner, just like I learned to do when I first started to make quilts. Each vane was cut out of the light and dark blue fabric and sewn together. Then the fan blades were sewn to the bottom triangular shape of the fan.   I made a lot of them that way and thought I had plenty.

pieced fans

But then I started to lay them on the top and realized I really needed more than I had. I do not really enjoy piecing and dreaded the idea of having to make more of them!!! So I cheated, sort of. I appliqued the light blue fan blades on to a large fan shape of the dark blue fabric. They don't look exactly alike, but this is not a fan quilt, it's an art quilt. Cheating is allowed!

appliqued fans

I used a satin stitch to sew the fans down to the top.

I added a ribbon to the fans for flair and contrasting color and used machine quilting to further enhance them.

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