Monday, February 17, 2014

Cup Runneth Over

I am a member of a Serendipity Exchange group, and our most recent theme was "My Cup Runneth Over". This is the piece I created for that exchange.

"My Cup Ranneth All Over the Patio", Eileen Wintemute

I have been doing a lot of smaller pieces based on birds lately, so I decided to use the doves that eat bird seed on my patio as my muse for this one. They eat the seed that falls from the hanging bird feeders, but I put it in the cup and had it overflowing from the it. I decided to call it "My Cup Ranneth All Over the Patio". I will be giving details of the making of this piece in the next couple of posts.

You can see the Serendipity exchange by clicking on the Serendipity link on this page, to the right.

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  1. This is an outstanding work of art. The birds are so lifelike that it seems as if they will walk right off the quilt. Love the delicate and well placed beading.