Friday, January 10, 2014

Happy Fourth of July - Sandwiching and Quilting

Normally I don't do my machine quilting until all the surface applique pieces are on the front. The machine quilting is often the technique I use to permanently hold these to the top. But in this instance I want the flowers and leaves in the pitcher to stand off the surface a bit, so I'm going to do all my machine quilting first.

This photo shows the fabric I used for the back of the quilt. It was given to me by Nancy Jacobus, a dear friend who passed away this last year. I will always think of her when I see this fabric.

Instead of using pins, I held my quilt sandwich together by sprinkling some Bo-Nash powder on the backing fabric and ironing it to the batt, and then sprinkling Bo-Nash to the batt and ironing the top to the batt. Bo Nash is the product that is often demonstrated at quilt shows. They use it to attach Angelina fibers to quilt tops. It worked very well for this small quilt. Here is the photo of the Bo-Nash product.

My Sweet Sixteen was used for the machine quilting. These photos show the stitching design I used. 

And now I move on to the ruched flowers...

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