Saturday, June 8, 2013

A Slice of the OC - trims

I like to use interesting trims on my buildings to give the feeling of architectural features and windows. Trims that I use can be laces, rick rack, piping, buttons, you name it! To the left you see some that I have in my stash that I considered for this quilt.

I am not really into the highly feminine girly look, so I have to be careful how I use lace on my pieces. For that reason I don't use lace that is ruffly. I am also careful about not using too much lace, and only using it in a setting that doesn't scream "girly". Since these are buildings, I think the lace as a surface embellishment is an interesting combination of hard and soft. It doesn't seem overly feminine to me.

You can see that one of the lace trims is separated down the middle For this quilt I slit this lace into 2 pieces so it fit on some of my narrower buildings more easily.

This figure shows the layout with the lace pieces placed on their respective buildings. The figure below shows the buildings with their trims stitched down.

The rick rack is used to add a bit of whimsy, and that seems to fit since it is a summer-time looking piece.

Next entry - shading and changing trim colors.
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