Monday, August 6, 2012

ebb and flow full view 
 I belong to an art quilt exchange group called Serendipity. Once a quarter we send a small piece to someone else in the group and receive one in the mail from another member of the group.
ebb and flow detail
This quarter's Serendipity group theme was "Ebb and Flow". I have included shorebirds in one of my previous art quilts and decided to use them again in this 12" x 12" piece.

I dyed the background fabric using Setacolor paints, and painted the birds using Tsukeniko Inks. Then some machine quilting, beading and rickrack trim.

The view to the left is a  close up showing the beading. I put beads at the base of each bird. The rickrack is a lavender color and it is very subtle. I put it on the lower left and upper right corners. It is just one of those details that you see when you are close to it.

This was sent to Linda Friedman. You can check out her work at Linda's Art Quilts.


  1. Hoorah! I am the lucky recipient of this magnificent 12" x 12" quilt. It is not only beautiful but the execution is excellent. Many thanks for this truly artful work.

  2. This is gorgeous, I love the little bird seed. or dew drops, very nice touch, Good Job!