Tuesday, April 17, 2012

How I start an art quilt

When I start a new art quilt, I always begin with some sketches and drawings. I recently completed a desert scene, and this is the drawing that I came up with for it.

To come up with this drawing I looked at some sketches I had made from trips to the desert, as well as photographs. I decided which elements I wanted to have in the sketch, and then started to move them around to try out different layouts. This drawing doesn't really exist in one location. It is a compilation of several features found in the desert at different locations.

Once I decide on a layout, I redo the sketch on a piece of paper about 8-1/2" x 11" size. I darken the lines with a sharpie and take it to the FedEx store. There I get it blown up to the size of the finished piece.

This drawing is 30" x 52" and it is taped on a closet door in my art room.


  1. How did you like visiting the desert?

  2. Visiting the desert in the spring is one of my favorite trips. I try to do it each year. Thanks for asking!