Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Good Iron, Bad Iron

 I started using an old, "bad" iron when I am pressing fabrics with fusibles, or starch or glues or plastic pin heads, etc. I got tired of cleaning the bottom of my good Rowenta and had an old iron sitting around. I found that just using the bad iron and not worrying about how it looked was the way to go.  When I am in the midst of making something, I just like to blow and go and not worry if I am pressing on something I shouldn't be!

 Well, this is how the "good" iron, and the "bad" iron look on the bottom. I think the bad iron earns its reputation when it looks like this! I run the old iron over an unused dryer sheet, which helps to remove the gunk, but the ugliness remains!

 And now the "bad" iron has a frayed cord. I taped it up and that fixed it for a while, but now the black tape is melting on my ironing board and leaving little black spots all over! I think its time to give this baby the heave-ho!

So, I went out and bought a new, cheap iron to use as my "bad" iron. I like the idea that I can use and abuse it and it won't cost me an arm and a leg to replace it. And my good Rowenta is always there for my clean clothes and fresh new fabric! Welcome to my new "bad" iron.

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