Sunday, May 1, 2011

Adding a border after the fact - Desert Sunset 1

DS1 under inspection
I showed my "Desert Sunset 1" to my friend Janet and she said, "is there any way you can add a border to it?". So, although it is not the normal way I like to do things, I attached some batting strips to each side, added some additional backing fabric, put on a yellow flange, and then sewed on some black print fabric for the border. I am going to paint the border with oil paint stick just a bit to finish it.  Then I will square it up and "face" the edges.  I think my friend was right, it does look better this way.

The first photo to the right shows my cat inspecting my work. The second photo is after passing inspection.

DS1 with borders sewn on

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  1. Eileen, I love this one! My friend from New Mexico is sitting here with me ooooing and aaahing about it! Lovely kitty face also ;]